Energy – Oil & Gas and Renewables & Clean

FERESPE’s brand is present in the Energy Industries.

At a time when the energy paradigm in the world is changing, we are responding to the challenges of energy transition by adapting our solutions to the needs of their industries – be it Oil & Gas or Renewable & Clean.

We develop innovative and differentiating solutions that promote the transition to a low carbon economy, contributing to the collective effort.

Positioning ourselves in a small and medium series market niche we export around 90% of our production.

FERESPE is dedicated to provide technical parts for highly demanding applications, using the following alloys:

– Medium and low alloyed steel with a full range of low residuals
– Duplex, super duplex, martensitic, austenitic and super austenitic stainless steel

As Energy constitutes the foundations of industrial modern economy in its modus operandi and therefore of the modus vivendi of contemporary mankind, this is a central market for our company.

Oil & Gas

Renewables & Clean

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