Renewables & Clean Solutions

At FERESPE we are committed to a cleaner energy future, so our services and products respond in a customized way to the demands of the renewable and clean energy markets.

FERESPE produces on demand, delivering finished castings to be incorporated into integrated systems.

We are a sand and lost wax foundry that works small and medium series in resistant materials to the high temperatures the systems and components of the photovoltaic plants are exposed.

We are also specialists in corrosion-proof and wear-resistant materials for the construction of highly durable components for pumps and suction structures, as well as impellers.

FERESPE has been producing technical parts for high performance applications for about 40 years. We are certified by market, process and materials and with a highly qualified team, an area dedicated to stainless steel and a strong relationship with R&D Centers, we export about 90% of our production.